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Tis is a portal to collect and maintain information on ageing of research reactors

Welcome to the IAEA Research Reactor Ageing Database!

Ageing of research reactors is a natural process whereby characteristics of structures, systems and components gradually change with time or use. It eventually leads to degradation of materials subjected to normal service conditions.

What is the Research Reactor Ageing Database

Research Reactor Ageing Database (RRADB) is a compilation of Member States' reports describing their experience in resolving and overcoming ageing issues. In other words, it is a repository of the worldwide experience in managing the long term reliability and availability of research reactors. The purpose of the RRADB is to provide an overview and good practices on managing ageing of structures, systems and components (SSCs) at research reactors and ultimately contribute to their enhanced safety and effectiveness with more sustainable utilization.
This database is intended for use by operating organizations and regulators when establishing, implementing and improving ageing management programmes for research reactors. It is designed to share successful ageing management implementation practices, and promote engineering, operation and maintenance excellence.

 How does the Research Reactor Ageing Database work

The database is comprised of reports on ageing management which  IAEA's Member States provide to the IAEA on a biennial basis. These reports provide updates on ageing management processes, analyses and lessons learned from previous ageing issues. They also include information about new successful activities for increased safety and sustainability of research reactors operation, as well as for ageing management and life extension. The ageing mechanisms and affected system codes have been incorporated in the database and serve as filters for creating lists of reports on specific ageing issues. The list of codes, along with their description for ageing mechanisms and affected systems, is accessible in the right-hand menu.

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