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Technical Safety Review (TSR)

The TSR services encompass six technical subject areas dedicated to:

The TSR Peer Review Service: 

  • Provides a tailored, independent evaluation of the safety assessment and design safety documentation and makes recommendations for enhancements and improvements to nuclear safety; 

  • Assists regulatory bodies, plant operating organizations, vendors and technical support organizations in their technical evaluations as well as in the development of their national safety requirements;

  • Supports the enhancement of nuclear safety for nuclear power plants (NPPs) based exclusively on the IAEA safety standards; 

  • Addresses the needs of Member States (MS) at most stages of development and implementation of the nuclear power programme, including conceptual design, various pre-licensing as well as licensing stages, NPP construction, operation and plant modifications, including periodic safety reviews and lifetime extension; 

  • Encompasses six technical subject areas, including design safety, generic reactor safety, national safety requirements, probabilistic safety assessment, accident management and periodic safety review.  

The TSRs are the main approach to providing for better and wider application of the IAEA safety standards related to nuclear power plant safety assessment and design safety, since the guidelines used for review are based on these safety standards. ​


The TSR Services consist of the following phases:


Please see here a list of all completed TSR Services: